All Set for Data Collection

by Lara Dammer, Nova Institute, Work Package 6 coordinator


For a reliable and continuous data exchange within the project, two main tools were set up:

  • Data inventory sheets were developed and sent to all partners for completion. These will feed the technical models, the LCA and the techno-economic assessment.
  • An Exchange Task Force was established, with one representative from each work package, which will ensure regular and comprehensive communication.

For the economic assessment the business plan model was finished as well, which outlines the necessary data and processes for analysis.

One of the main aims for the early stages of the project is to establish the data transfer between all the work packages in order to define the technical models and in order to connect the technical models to the later Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Techno-Economic Evaluation (TEE). Several objectives were reached during the last few months:

  • Data inventory sheets have been developed and were sent to all partners to be filled out. In the annual meeting in Madrid in November 2014 a detailed explanation was given about the data inventory, why the specific data is needed, how LCA and TEE are performed and how the results can contribute to the work of the other work packages. In the meantime, all partners have completed and returned their data sheets. The next step will be the finalization of the preliminary conceptual process design and the preliminary model and system of the integral value chain (expected for mid-2015).
  • For a continuous flow of information an inter-WP task force was set up during the project meeting in Madrid. One representative of each work package was designated to be in charge of information exchange with the other groups and especially with WP6. Regular phone conferences are planned.
  • The first Deliverable of Work Package 6 was finished on time: The Business Plan Model describes the process for the economic assessment and what information is needed. In combination with the stakeholder analysis (executed together with the SPLASH project –, this will be the basis to find the most economically viable products and pathways and to exploit the project results in the best possible way.
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