Product development and market assessment

Philippe Willems, WP4 Leader, Value for Technology

WP4 of the MIRACLES project deals with the back-end of the process: application validation and marketing aspects. The work in this WP officially started in M12, therefore at this stage only preliminary results are available.

First samples were supplied to several partners and first indications of their potential in some applications are now available, mainly in the ‘materials’ applications, such as bioplastics and adhesives. These results indicate the possibility to incorporate whole-cell micro algae in bioplastic compounds and glues for wood panels. As fertilizer we also obtained some promising initial results.


In the coming reporting period, more samples of algae extracts will be available for WP4. With these products we expect to produce results in the various application domains, including food, aquafeed, cosmetics, bioactives, etc., and to build further on the obtained results in materials and fertilizers.

In parallel to application research, a database with key market figures (volumes, prices, etc.) is being completed. This database will be used to estimate the potential value and volume of the algae products that will be available within MIRACLES and as such serve as a basis for biorefinery scenarios and marketing plans.

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