Great progress in algae cultivation

During this period, partner Fitoplancton Marino has investigated the influence of different light spectra on RNA expression in the microalgae Nannochloropsisgaditana and has found some genes involved in fatty acid and lipid metabolism with an expression profile that is clearly associated with a specific light condition. The project will focus on a cost-effective design for the concentration of CO2, and Twente University has obtained promising results on a small scale for the concentration of CO2 from air. 

Wageningen University and the University of Huelva have made progress with the foam-bed reactor, and have identified surfactants that are compatible with different microalgae and the foam-bed photo-bioreactor. The system can now operate continuously for more than a week at a time. Vito and Thomas More have set up a medium recycling test at pilot scale, comparing different technologies for water recycling. The test results show good growth of Nannochloropsisgaditana on the membrane filtration permeates. The results will be validated in tests on the submerged membrane system using  IPC® membranes.

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